The things i like… Anomoly… ♥



More Visual… Free… Dynamic.

Love Life


[Hidden Behind a Smile] 1.3.11

[I may Be Smiling, But is that whats really underneath?]

*gotta love a Post-it

[Never Apologise For Saying what you Feel; because that’s like saying… “SORRY FOR BEING REAL”]


[18.02.11] ♥

[Thank you Dwayne Ifill for helping me remember this Saying.]

[Miguel] ♥

Miguel Sure Thing – The Memories of my Ex. [Sigh]

Random Sketchbook Updates [No.1]

For People Who Struggle to believe i do Art & Can Draw.

Let Me take u, in a trip to my visual world.


Taking it back to My College days… HRC 2009

My Denim Project

Sketches of Guiseppena [Josie] Quick Life Drawing.

First Uni Project: Making a Netball Dress.

Trey Songz – Love Faces [Official Video]

Not his best video. But the artistic side is pretty cool.


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